Currently, there are 70 starches in the database.

The Amidothèque is a database gathering information on the structure, morphology and composition of native starch granules from a large number of botanical sources. To select a specific starch, you can browse the global list or use the "Basic Search". The "Advanced Search" allows you to select starches according to several criteria. For each starch, you will find a general description with information on shape, size, allomorphic type and composition of the granules, including references and relevant links. A selection of pictures, polarized light optical micrographs, scanning electron microscopy images and X-ray diffraction patterns is available for most specimens. The information and images of the database can be used freely but we would appreciate if you could acknowledge the Amidothèque and mention its URL. For comments, suggestions, corrections or if you want to submit a new starch, please contact us !